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Mike Malone with the Chris Platt Trio and Carissa Kimbell

Mike Malone with Chris Platt Trio

We’ve got another show to announce and it’s a good one: Trumpeter Mike Malone will be joined by the Chris Platt Trio as well as vocalist Carissa Kimbell at the Pearl Company on August 24th. Mike has been an active member on the Canadian jazz scene since the early 70s, and has worked as a writer and performer with groups including Nimmons ‘n’ Nine Plus Six, the Dave McMurdo Jazz Orchestra, Ted’s Warren Commission, the Alex Dean Quintet, The Brass Connection, the Kieran Overs Nonet, and the Ted Moses Quintet. We’re truly honoured to have a veteran player like Mike be a part of the festival!

Chris Platt is a graduate of Mohawk College’s jazz program (where he once had Mike as a teacher) and currently attends the University of Toronto. He has been featured on Jazz 91.1 FM and plays regularly around the GTHA in a variety of musical settings including Rock, R&B, Blues and of course Jazz. The Chris Platt Trio have played with Mike before, and have expertly demonstrated why the classic jazz pairing of younger musicians with a veteran player is such an exciting, vital part of the music.

Carissa Kimbell, also a graduate Mohawk College, draws from a wide array of influences in her selection of material and in her own writing. Carissa’s repertoire ranges from Amy Winehouse to Joni Mitchell and plenty more, including compositions of her own that have also been featured on Jazz 91.1 FM. You can check out Carissa’s music on her website, or on the ‘Artists’ section of the Steel City Jazz Festival site.

This show is the first we’ve announced taking place at the Pearl Company, and we’re thrilled to include them as one of our venues. Performances will start at 10pm  tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.

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