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See you next year!

Posters by Rachel Zavarella, Lester Coloma and Gord Bond.

The 2015 Steel City Jazz Festival wrapped up yesterday; what an amazing two weeks! Thank you to all the musicians and listeners for making this little festival feel big and bold and special. Thank you everyone for celebrating jazz with us and for knowing and proving that live music is important. I am full to the top with excitement and inspiration for next year!

A couple specific thank-yous to:

Sandee Smordin, Jeff Laskey and Smordin Law
Linda Ferguson and NLP Canada Training
Robert Ferguson and the 2015 Black Raspberry Festival
The Ontario Arts Council
Merriam Music

Judith, Ron, Barbara and Gary
Adrean Farrugia and Sophia Perlman
Brian Bibby
Emily Milko
Gord Bond
Simon Wheeldon
Steve Wilson
Jacques Hypolite
Jamie Tennant
Ric Taylor
Karim Mosna
Tourism Hamilton

And thank you again to all the other musicians, audience members, retweeters, word-of-mouth spreaders and jazz lovers who made this whole thing a success. See you next year!

Chris Ferguson



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