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Brad Cheeseman Group: Music as Conversation

Hamilton bassists and composer Brad Cheeseman

Have you ever had a conversation with someone just gets you? It might be someone you’ve known all your life or it might be someone you’ve just met. Sometimes the conversation flows and sometimes there are long, comfortable pauses for thought. But something clicks, and you know you’re connecting. You walk away feeling great because you’ve spent time sharing thoughts and stories with someone who can relate.

That’s how I feel when I listen to the music of Brad Cheeseman. I feel the way I feel after a long evening of great conversation. It’s a kind of music that takes risks to create a musical space that is safe for sharing stories and solving problems. It’s the space where innovation happens, not just for the musicians playing, but for the listeners who enter that space with them. As I listen, I feel my mind unwinding and moving in new directions.

I am not a music expert, and I don’t play jazz. I think maybe an expert would recognize what I’m trying to describe, but might use different terms to talk about it. Maybe it’s part of why Cheeseman has won and been nominated for so many awards, including winning the 2016 TD Grand Prix Jazz Award at the Montreal Jazz Festival and being nominated for a 2018 Juno. If you’re an expert, you’ll find lots to enjoy in Brad Cheeseman’s performance this year at the Steel City Jazz Festival.

If you’re not a jazz expert, maybe you’re someone who enjoys discovering new conversations or listening to stories that leave room for your mind to wander a little. Whether you come to appreciate the music or just to let it settle you in to a groove, come hear the Brad Cheeseman Trio at Artword Artbar on October 27. I guarantee you’ll connect with some cool musical stories and you’ll leave with room for some new thoughts of your own.

Tickets to see the Brad Cheeseman Group on Saturday, October 27th at Artword Artbar are available now.

Linda Ferguson, NLP Canada Training
Steel City Jazz Festival Board Member & Sponsor

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