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2019 Schedule

Wednesday Nov. 6

Artbar: Paul Benton Trio – 8:00pm

Thursday Nov. 7

Artbar: Nick Maclean Quartet ft:Brownman Ali – 8:00pm

Corktown: George Grossman’s Bohemian Swing ft:Brandon Walker– 8:30pm, Presented by Luft Enterprises

Friday Nov. 8

Artbar: Smoridn Law Artist in Residence  Jason Logue Sextet – 8:00pm 

Corktown: Blunt Object – 9:30pm   Band Website

Saturday Nov. 9

Artbar: Waleed Kush African Jazz Ensemble – 8:00pm Band Facebook Page

Pearl Company: Jazz Connection Big Band with Smordin Law Artist in Residence  Jason Logue – 8:30pm

Sunday Nov. 10

Artbar: ECJ Quintet – 7:30pm

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One thought on “Schedule Leave a comment

  1. There was a mention of Jazz Vespers at the Art bar last night. I don’t see this in the schedule.
    Please advise…

    June Baxter

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