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2018 Poster Design by Stylo Starr

2018 Steel City Jazz Festival poster designed by Hamilton-based visual artist Stylo Starr.

The Sixth Annual Steel City Jazz Festival is just under two months away, and we are gearing up to spread the word as far and wide as we can about the amazing lineup of music we have in store for you. One major difference between this year’s fest and years past is that the ‘we’ in the last sentence has expanded: this year we formed a board for the Steel City Jazz Festival and incorporated as a not-for-profit. These changes will allow the festival to continue to grow in the years to come and bring more exciting music to Hamilton. I welcome anyone interested in helping to grow the festival to get in contact with us about joining the board, volunteering or making other contributions to the festival!

The first step we take towards promoting the festival each year is commissioning an artist to create a poster. I’m so proud of the artwork that has represented the festival over the past five years, and I am thrilled to share with you this year’s poster, created by Stylo Starr. I have admired Stylo’s work for years, from her ’89 Dames’ exhibition at Centre3 to her work on the posters for the Renaissance Music festival. Stylo’s art is engaging, distinctive and thought-provoking. I strongly encourage you to follow her Instagram, and to check out the prints she has for sale online! Here’s a little more background on Stylo’s art and career:

Stylo Starr is a local artist, or ‘visual alchemist,’ and is known primarily for her multi-layered collage work, which has been featured on large public installations, international publications and apparel. Starr’s visual investigations surround predominantly Bodies of Colour and their relationship to the basic principles and elements of design, while reaffirming their agency as revered subjects of art history.
Evelyn Myrie writes: “For Starr, her work is a ‘practice in revolutionary love’, rejecting the lingering effects of white supremacist ideology.”
Stylo has been featured at the Art Gallery of Hamilton alongside the works of Andy Warhol in 2017, and recently completed a residency with the Cotton Factory continuing her explorations in collage and multimedia arts.

You might also notice that the website now lists the schedule for the 2018 festival, and that tickets can be purchased via Bruha! Of course we will have much more to say about our artists in the coming weeks, so please stay in touch on social media or by joining or mailing list. For the time being, I hope you enjoy the poster, the fresh website, and the end of summer!

Chris Ferguson
Director & Founder, Steel City Jazz Festival

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